Melbourne Hot Chocolate Festival

Melbourne Hot Chocolate Festival

It’s August, the coldest month of the year, so naturally the Melbourne Hot Chocolate festival is taking place.

Across Victoria, chocolatiers will be celebrating all things hot chocolate with a series of celebrations.

There will be 31 limited-edition hot chocolate flavours to try across the month long festival.

With eight new flavours introduced every week there’s no shortage of delicious fun to be had.

The Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery hot chocolate festival takes place across those three impressive venues.

Chocolate festival lovers can expect an extra shot of milk, white or dark chocolate as well as a giant marshmallow to go to stay warm and happy this winter.

According to reports, there area a great many varieties to tantalize taste buds of any chocolate lover.

Each flavour is created using a coverture chocolate base, which has seasonal and exotic ingredients, herbs and spices added to it. This year’s line-up takes the classic chocolate and milk combo and adds some signature flair: try the Mocha Margarita, Troll Magic, Mad Chocolatier or a Girl’s Best Friend which is made with ruby coverture chocolate and rosé Champagne. There’s a Green Goddess hot chocolate with kale and coconut and even a Hot Shoey – which yes, is hot chocolate that you eat out of a chocolate shoe.

Melbourne Hot Chocolate Festival
Incredible Melbourne Hot Chocolate Festival

Thanks TimeOut Melbourne for the heads up.


Join us in August and enjoy 31 new delicious and exotic hot chocolate flavours. A selection of eight flavours will be available in our café or outdoor kiosk each day throughout the festival with each one served with an extra shot of hot couverture chocolate plus a handcrafted giant marshmallow. Hot Chocolate tasting sessions are also on offer – During the 45 minute hands-on class, sip and sample a selection of eight amazing flavours. PLUS choose from over 50 ingredients to make three different chocolate flavoured spoons – then just add to hot milk at home and create your own personalised, decadent hot chocolates. $20 per person, bookingsare essential via our Tastings & Workshops page.

More from the various chocolate shops across Victoria – Yarra Valley ; Mornington Peninsula; Great Ocean Road

This video will get you excited: Melbourne Hot Chocolate Festival